Oct 102011

Here are two shots from recent jewellery photography attempt

and another one


ISO : 200
F : f/16
S : 3 sec
Focal : 50 mm

The setup was simple.

* D90 on tripod with 50mm 1.8D lens

* Two ceiling yellow CFL lights as ambient light

* One small flash light used to add additional sparkle effect

* Background is black satin cloth placed on a table

For this shoot I opted for Tethered shooting using Lightroom as this gives me oppurtunity to see details while shooting

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Jun 062011

Here is one of the shot I took recently of Wallet.
Setup is simple.

  • Its one light CFL (85w) from right side with a softbox.
  • Background is white seamless paper.
  • Left side there is a white reflector to fill dark areas.
  • Camera was on tripod


Camera : d90
Lens : 50mm 1.8D
F-Stop: f/8
Shutter speed : 1/25 sec
ISO : 200

Product Shot - Wallet

Here are some more shots of the same series.
See more photos of the photo shoot

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Feb 102011

Often you may have heard the term fast lens. A fast lens is the one which allow you to take photographs quickly. Quickly means that the time span for the entire shot is smaller.

For shot to be quicker, we should have Shutter speed set to a shorter value lets say 1/1000 or 1/500 etc. How does a fast lens helps in that?

A fast lens has a maximum aperture value to be something like f/2, f/1.8, f/1.4 which makes easier to use faster shutter speeds and make a quick shot.

For example a Nikkon 50mm f/1.8D is a fast lens as it has a very large aperture capability and thus under low light conditions one can use this aperture value to have faster shutter speed.

Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8

Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8

Fast lenses are usually expensive ones.