May 112011

An idea just came to my mind and I finished this shot in 15-20 minutes.
The concept was to show a dead man. Here is my presentation of the concept.

A dead man

Hope it conveys the message. Here is how I took it…

Shot Details
Camera : Nikon D90
Lens : Nikon 18-55mm
Focal Length : 48 mm
ISO : 200
Aperture : f/11
Shutter Speed : 1 sec


* Nikon D90 on a tripod with 18-55mm lens
* Flash (YN-560) hanging from a support from top
* A snoot on the flash
* Rest is the scene setup

How I took it

  • Hanged my flash from a higher support so that it should point directly at floor.
  • Flash was on manual mode and powered at 1/4th and zoomed at about 75mm
  • Setup the camera on tripod and manual focussed on the place where hand should be by placing another object there for test shot
  • Once the focus is set I removed dummy object and switched off all ambient light
  • Flash was fired using a radio trigger so off camera
  • Setup the camera on timer mode and practiced for 2 times to get my hand in the shot where I want to be
  • Once everything is ready, took the shot as shown above

Did some processing in Adobe LR3 especially cropping, correcting exposure and some color saturation etc. Thats it !

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